This is a short introduction on how to signup to our services and setup your shop.

Our price plans

You can read more about our current bundles and pricing on our website.


You always get a free starting period of 14 days!
Our price plans are subject to change and our offerings might be shortlived during campaigns or A/B testing. Once you’ve been enrolled on a plan you can keep going with that until we offer you a better alternative.

Account creation

To sign up just click on any plan that suits your business and monthly budget.


Don’t use a temporary email address when creating your account as it can not be changed easilly due to security reasons.


In the signup window, select your language preference and enter your contact information.


During enrollment you must accept our Terms of Service (EULA).
After enrollment an email is sent to the address you provided earlier.

Setting up

To aid you in setting up the shop we have created seven steps you may follow.


Admin interface

We have created a user friendly admin interface that is easy to learn and navigate through.


For fast paced learning get acqainted with the admin interface by exploring all the different views. The admin interface works in all modern mainstream browsers on desktop computers and tablets.

By pressing TAB key or clicking the <shop icon> on the top left below our logo, you open a sidebar drawer.

User settings === By clicking on your avatar at the top left side of the admin window (next to the PandaCommerce logo) you open up a dropdown menu where you can set language preference, access documentation and get in touch with our support.

Change language

The admin interface can be set to different languages, first select Language in the User settings dropdown menu. It opens up a popup window where you configure you language settings.

The customer facing (shop) language is not affected by the setting for the admin interface.

Account information

Under My account you find the account information and billing status for your shop. Press <TAB> key to open the sidebar drawer or click on the shop icon under the PandaCommerce logotype. In the sidebar you now find My account which you click to open up the account information page. In there you can change the subscription plan, add or remove staff users and see the current invoicing status / history and your payment details.

Change billing plan

To change a plan click on the change plan button, then select a plan and the currency you’d like to be invoiced in.

Add staff account

Currently you have owner and staff account types in the system, where only the owner is allowed to make additional purchases or make changes to the subscription.

Click on the + Add staff account button to create a new staff account, enter the users firstname , lastname and email address. An invitation is then sent by email to the staff user containing an account activation link.

When clicking on the activation link the user is asked to set a password for the new account.

Payment details

Click on the Add a new card button to open up the payment details window where you enter your card details.

To prevent from accidental downtime incase there are problems processing the payment, you can have multiple cards.
To remove a card click on the trash-can on the right side of the card you wish to remove from the system.

Billing history

You can review the billing statements under Your invoices section. If you have a subscription with transactions fees (depending on the plan and payment gateways you select), they are applied at the end of the billing period. The monthly subscription fee is with VAT included if applicable for the account destination country.

To end a subscription

You terminate a subscription by simply removing all your payment cards clicking the trashcan icon. Upon the next invoice period the shop will be shut down. The shop account along with its content will remain for atleast a three month grace period, after that all account information is removed from the system. During the grace period you can always login and reactivate your subscription by selecting a plan and entering a valid payment card.

Password recovery

Password recovery is done by clicking on the forgot password link in the login form. A password reset confirmation email is sent to the account email with a link to reset the password.

Tax settings

From the sidebar you get access to the tax settings where you can setup country specific rates, set tax on delivery fees and additional charges.

Tax settings


When starting a new account you get the Warehouse theme installed by default. It’s easy to purchase and install a new theme, just click the Purchase Theme button.

Theme Store

Designers can sell themes in our Theme store.
The themes in our theme store contains content to demonstrate how a real shop could look like. But no content such as images/navigation/pages are installed when purchasing a theme. Only a selection of theme presets are available for easier customisation.
If a Desinger has updated a theme you have purchased it is easy to update by clicking Sync button in the code editor.
Make sure to take a backup before syncing theme updates to not loose your own changes.


In order to have your own domain-name pointed at your store you need to do a couple of things.

  • Have an active subscription plan

  • Purchase a domain at a domain registrar

  • Configure nameserver settings for your domain

  • Setup the domain in Panda admin by clicking on + New domain

When you own a domain name you can point the host record for the domain root @ and www host to our servers. Configure the root @ host and point it to our IP-address at Then setup a CNAME record pointing to <shop_name>

In the New domain dialog Select Add a domain name I already own then enter <your domain-name> and click Add. Repeat the same procedure and enter www.<your domain name> and click Add.


Our admin validates your domain configuration, if it’s configured properly validation should pass.
When you setup your domain at your domain provider it can take several hours before changes are propagated.
You have to purchase a domain and email from a domain provider as we don’t sell domain names or email services.

Example of domain setup


Note the configuration for the @ host and CNAME for the www record.
Remember to include the last . (dot) on the CNAME DATA-record, otherwise your domain name can get appended.

Primary domain

After you have configured the domain names and validation passes you should click on Set primary domain. Setting the primary domain redirects your customers to the same domin name regardless of which domain they used for entering your shop.


After that all should be ok and you can access your shop using your own domain.


SSL certificate

If you are on our startup or professional plan you get a free SSL certificate for your domain. It takes up to 24 hours before it is registered and installed on your shop.


We have an extensive API that allows for all kinds of third party integrations to our platform. Installing an app is a simple process where you just add the application through our App Store.


Depending on the App, application vendors can charge you a monthly fee and/or take a percentage fee on sales using the app.
Some applications needs additional encryption keys and you must therefore register a service account at the vendor before it gets functional.


All our services includes support for help and guidance.

  • Any third party vendors and services have their own support.

  • Our support helpdesk works with issue reporting and support regarding the PandaCommerce system.

  • Our support don’t offer consultancy services and won’t work directly in your shop.

For any additional help such as theme customization, systems integration, setup and administration we recommend that you contact a web consultancy company who specializes in e-commerce. Contact us if you need a preferred consultancy partner who has experience working with our solution.

Applications and Themes are supported directly by each vendor.
You can contact our helpdesk by email and through our webpage, we usually respond within one hour on office hours 09:00 - 18:00 CET. For our enterprice customers we offer extended support by phone and teleconference.
If you are a web developer company and want to be a preferred consultancy partner, contact